The rock pro on store.radxa.com is out of stock now. You can buy from seeed studio. The current selling version is rock pro(2014.06.10).



Markus Laeng:

Hey @Rob-Merriman, on Android I have the script from @gruuvinrob (above) in a personal folder and simply run it on startup via the app "init.d scripts support". Works very well, green light stops flashing after the system is fully started, which helps you to see when it's up if you are running it headless.

Link to the app:


@julien Could you please share the image (linux-next)


You just have to do all the steps descripted in the Install part of the readme:

sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev git clone https://github.com/radxa/pyRock.git cd pyRock sudo python setup.py install

sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev installs the tools needed to run pyRock, but not pyRock itself.
With git clone https://github.com/radxa/pyRock.git you get the source code of pyRock. After changing into the new created directory pyRock with cd pyRock there you will find the setup.py.
Finally run sudo python setup.py install to install pyRock.

I hope that helps.


As you have maybe read at http://talk.radxa.com/topic/695/kali-linux/14, a precondition to get the scripts working (also the original script of manu7irl) is to run a kali-linux as root. I wasn't aware of that, since I was working like this anyway. So I didn't mention this in the description. I hope you didn't have wasted too much time because of this.

Have a nice day!


I couldn't agree with you more.

It is very difficult to handle radxa while changing from Raspberry.
Also waiting for the perfect image and continue experimenting with both.

Radxa for testing and Raspberry for work.
Hope to can switch this situation soon since of the inviting power from radxa.

Maybe some raspbian image builder would be able to help
or build an adapted raspbian-radxa image for us?

A wishlist for the next image-release could be helpful.


@V-I-R-U-S Yes, we have the database automatically backup. That guy have modified the theme folder(index.php). Now i have cleaned it. radxa.com is back now.


这个是因为 camera还不支持 mali gpu,建议使用非opengl es版本的linux系统。