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    @mag http://dl.radxa.com/rock/images/ubuntu/nand/ i am running the 13.09 server image but the 1404 may be better...

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    That worked like a charm! Thanks!!

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    Do you perhaps know how to fix the repeating keys on other RK3288 devices with 3.10 kernel eg. Firefly or RK3288 TV Boxes? Can send me a Chat or PM if possible?
    I'm using the Rock 2 Square firmware & Rabian Linux at the moment but on a RK3288 TV Box.
    Don't have access to a Rock2 anymore. So it seems the problem is not present on Rock2 because of improved

    Topic can maybe be closed since it doesn't affect Rock2.

  • the default radxa rock2 square desktop is MATE on Debian Stable.
    I found "mate-power-manager" available from the repository which was not installed by default.

    apt-get install mate-power-manager
    System->Preferences->Power Management exists and works after that. The web browser no longer sleeps after changing the setting there.

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    I solved the problem, check /etc/hosts, the IP of ports.ubuntu.com is, change it to

    This is the Actual Solution :

    I flashed ubuntu 14 server image from our pre-build images to my board, and then after installation tried apt-get install update ....

    which throw error... same as above, even after changing the /etc/apt/sources.list and adding the lines still error was there... this problem dates [26-07-2015]

    but after changing the ip in the host file every thing is back and working again.

    @sid : thnx dude for the solution.

  • Get Build prop editor from android's play store, open it and find/edit/add those lines(if you can't find some of those lines, just add it through the editor):

    After a reboot the android hw overlays will be disabled and you will have crystal clear image.

  • This problem was solved by redownload. Not PC change.

    The root cause was corrupted image file.

    When I check the Md5, the number of downloaded image was different from the value of Readme.txt file.

    Therefore, I strongly recommend you to check the Md5 value of each image file before you use the factory tool.

    The dual boot image works fine now.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Not with the information provided by Marc : I've tried his post and Kodi doesnt even produce a log, neither in a file, neither on the standard output. He states in this post that he's working on RK3188. Maybe you may support him

    I could provide a bit more information about this if you want.

  • @hipboi I've got a Logitech Harmony remote controller, but I need the IR chip number to configure this remote to works with Android

    As far as I've tested, getevent doesn't show anything on rkxx_remotectl when I press any button on the remote.

    Any ideas ?


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    I'm finding it a pain point to use live-build to build the .img file. I attempted to turn on --verbose from lb config, but it still gave me "internal error" which doesn't tell me much about where the error is coming from. The bottom-line is I have attempted to repeat the documented steps on your web site to build the kernel and to assemble a nand image .img file to flash and boot from. Has anyone else been successful in doing so? Conclusion: there is more effort to be done to improve the documentation so that radxa rock2_square board consumers can build their own kernels and build their own .img files. The other pain point is having grub on the radxa board. I hope an equivalent is in the works. It is difficult for me to recommend this board to others if I can't even successfully build the kernel and images for it. I imagine it is the same pain point for rock and rock pro board users as well.

    I modified my /etc/apt/sources.list to point to unstable version.
    deb http://ftp.ca.debian.org/debian/ unstable main contrib non-free
    deb-src http://ftp.ca.debian.org/debian/ unstable main contrib non-free
    deb http://security.debian.org/ unstable/updates main contrib non-free
    deb http://apt.radxa.us/rabian-unstable/ jessie main

    apt-get update
    apt-get dist-upgrade
    Here is the output for the steps to dist-upgrade to Debian version Sid(unstable):

    After doing so, there are linux-image's available which I would have loved to see install successfully on the radxa board. In fact there is a kernel image 4.0.0 available for armhf. There are two available:
    linux-image-4.0.0-2-armmp - Linux 4.0 for ARMv7 multiplatform compatible SoCs
    linux-image-4.0.0-2-armmp-lpae - Linux 4.0 for ARMv7 multiplatform compatible SoCs supporting LPAE
    linux-image-armmp - Linux for ARMv7 multiplatform compatible SoCs (meta-package)
    linux-image-armmp-lpae - Linux for ARMv7 multiplatform compatible SoCs supporting LPAE (meta-package)

    I tried to install the armmp version I would boot from that. It still boots from the 3.10 kernel. What can I do for force the install and correctly start this kernel on the board? Have you got a grub-like tool to recommend for the radxa rock2_square board in order to switch between different kernel versions?

  • OK, me and our team are working on project using Radxa and ov5640. I can find someone who could do this for you if you have reqiured documentation.

    I will contact you by PM.

    Anyway is the kernel different on android? What causes the problem?

  • So can OV 5640 be used or not? (I have Lite version). It seems that it works on Android ...

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