It looks like a hardware problem. Radxa will do the RMA for you.



You will have to wait until June. What features do you want from rock2 full but not on rock2 square?



I had solved this issue, I had reference of schematic for connection of LCD
and I had loaded radxa_rock_pro_android_kitkat_lvds_standby_nand_20150122.zip.


@gruuvinrob need to see Radxa in a storefront. Fry's isn't a bad choice.. Just have to have all the basics ready to make it easy to get the feet wet, and try and get it in a boxstore... You don't see many competitor's products next to arduino, if, they even carry it... So, it may not turn out to be too hard. A "startup" wanting to do a test market type situation in one city appeals to big companies, since, the name comes with low prices due to being unheard..

Just need a district manager to talk to, and a supply of about a dozen or so of each model, and who knows..


@hipboi Thanks for the suggestion and will try it.


Followed the instructions completely to compile kernel and android. But no luck.
Two questions.

"lunch 12" doesn't work. err msg is below.
"lunch 13" still works. Is it a typo of 13?

device/rockchip/rksdk/device.mk:20: device/rockchip/rksdk/preinstall/preinstall.mk: No such file or directory
device/rockchip/rksdk/device.mk:21: device/rockchip/rksdk/preinstall_del/preinstall.mk: No such file or directory
make: * No rule to make target `device/rockchip/rksdk/preinstall_del/preinstall.mk'. Stop.

Don't have a product spec for: 'rksdk' Do you have the right repo manifest?

Took "lunch 13", still failed. The symptom (reboot every ~6s) is same as before.

some system info: ubuntu 14.02, gcc version 4.8.2

Any idea?

Teo Gorghe:

How do I download the rom?


@jasse If it possible, I'm interested in your board too. Thanx in advance.

V I R U S:

@hipboi Here you go, Tom


You can download and test it right here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromium.os

My IMHO: Looks promising, but i have no use for it.